Independent Contractor Network: Fire and Flood Restoration Company

Independent Contractor NetworkWelcome to The Independent Contractors Network (ICN).

We specialise in flood and fire restoration as well as escape of water, storm and impact damage repair. Our experts are able to minimise any inconvenience caused when disaster strikes, repairing your business or home whilst ensuring the work we do is completed to the highest standards.

Independent Contractors Network are a nationwide group of building repair specialists, insurance approved, covering all areas of the UK. We have worked with major loss adjusting and insurance companies, ensuring that our customer's needs come before everything else.

Free Insurance Repair Estimates

When policyholder's properties suffer from an insured event such as a fire or flood, many insurance companies are now asking the policyholder to obtain building repair estimates on their behalf. One of the main problems is knowing which building contractor would be best suited for repairing your property.

Many local builders may offer a fantastic service for general building work, but are they experienced enough to take on such a specialised task? Can you be sure that a local builder would have the knowledge to assess the damage in full? If the repair costs were under-estimated, who would cover the difference?

Independent Contractor NetworkYour insurer may award the building repair contract to a company who have submitted the lowest repair quote, without the knowledge of the full extent of the damage. Why take the risk with your property when we can provide free insurance repair quotes based on the actual repair costs?

Our qualified fire and flood insurance repair specialists deal with various types of reinstatement work on a daily basis. We know what to look for and how to identify secondary damage which may not be immediately visible to the untrained eye, such as smoke and deep water damage. This ensures that your insurer will be informed of the full extent of any damage - in turn your settlement should reflect the real cost of restoring your property back to its pre-loss condition.

As specialist fire and flood restoration specialists, we are here to assist through the whole property reinstatement process whilst ensuring you are fully compensated by your insurer. This is why we work with a group of independent loss adjusters, who are dedicated to making sure that you receive your full entitlement. This, in turn, ensures all repair work can be completed to the highest standards.

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Services That Independent Contractors Network Offer

Flood Damage Repair

Flooding in many parts of the UK during 2015 has certainly made a few headlines. From many years of experience restoring flood damaged properties, we know the high level of competence that is required, which our clients have come to expect from us.

Even a small leak from a water pipe can quickly escalate into a much larger incident. The incident must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly when water damage occurs. Flood Restoration requires a high level of competence and experience which all Independent Contractors Network are used to.

Fire Damage Repair

Fire damage is a highly unpleasant experience. ICN are here to take the weight off your shoulders by providing end to end management of your entire insurance claim. Once you make the initial call to ICN, we can handle the whole fire restoration process from offering help and advice in starting your insurance claim right up to restoring your property back to its pre loss state.

Escape of Water (Leaks)

Initial water damage is called primary damage and the effects are usually instantly identifiable. What is harder to see is the secondary damage as the moisture changes from liquid to vapour and travels throughout the building, causing secondary damage. It then re-forms in condensation to be absorbed by porous materials, creating damage that could pop up in several years’ time.

Primary damage can be identified almost immediately but as water spreads behind hidden areas, secondary damage may not be as easy to find. If left untreated, secondary damage can have a devastating effect at a later stage.

Once an escape of water begins to cause damage it is essential that the source is identified then cut off. Damage from water is progressive - as long as wet conditions exist, they will result in more water being absorbed into areas of your property.

Independent Contractor Network provide initial mitigation through to beginning to end management of the insurance claims process from call through to completion with absolutely no cost to you.

Impact Damage

Whether from a falling tree or a vehicle collision, the consequences of Impact Damage to your property can be dramatic and widespread. Safety and security are paramount in these circumstances and Independent Contractor Network have the resources to ensure the affected property is made safe while making sure that you are relocated to safer accommodation.

Our professionals include Structural Engineers, RICS Surveyors and Architects. Independent Contractor Network will ensure your property is returned to its pre-impact condition.